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Hard candy
Hard candy
Hard candy pop in pigments, nail polish and highlight and contour cheeks
New hard candy makeup
Hard candy

Lip gloss

Hard candy
Hard candy
Description Type: BTE Hearing Aid Category: Hearing Health Products Feature: Low power consumption, Knowles Earphone Color: Beige Battery: A675 (Zinc Air Battery) Main Unit Size 3.8*0.8*4cm NW: 5g Warranty: 1 Year Certification: CE Specifications: Max Sound Output: 127dB -/+ 4dB Max Sound Gain: 48dB-/+ 5dB Total Harmonic Distortion: f1000Hz 10% Frequency Range: 450~3500 Hz Equiv Input Noise: 32...
Description 1 Large Jar of Excellent Urea Moisture Skin Care Cream It's suitable for winter or dry skin 120 grams(4.2oz) per jar, Formulated with 10% Urea, smells lovely More Beauty and Vitality Items Ingredients: This skin care cream combined with 10% urea, Vitamin E and Allantoin soothes dehydrated skin especially on elbows, knees and heels. Medicated ingredients penetrate into the inside of ...
Description Features: The device is applied for the suffers with such diseases as SAS, OSAHS, COPD, ARDS and vascular diseases, also for the persons over 60 years .It can be used in hospital or at home. SpO2 Measuring range: 35% 100% Accuracy: 70%~100% ,-/+2% <70% unspecified Pulse Rate Measuring range: 30bpm 250bpm Accuracy: -/+2 bpm or -/+2%(select larger) Nose air flow measure Measuring rang...
Traditional Chinese Guasha Slimming Tool Gua Sha Massager Beeswax Turtle for Full Body 1PCS Factory Price High Quality What Gua Sha Can Do Raising Sha removes blood stagnation considered pathogenic, promoting normal circulation and metabolic processes. The patient experiences immediate relief from pain, stiffness, fever, chill, cough, nausea, and so on. Gua Sha is valuable in the prevention and...
Description Diamond Microdermabrasion Dermabrasion Beauty Machine NV-60 With 2 full year Warranty CE certified for professional or home use l4 What is The Diamond Dermabrasion? it is a creative improvement of the Micro-crystal Dermabrasion. The Diamond Dermabrasion provided a non-surgical skin refinish procedure, by using sterile diamond heads to abrade or rub off the top skin layer, then Vacuu...
Description Reduces exposure to dust, pollen, dander, mold, germs, and pollution Offers relief from nasal allergies, allergic asthma, rhinitis, sinusitis Designed according to the natural shape of your nostrils for comfort and fit with soft medical-grade plastic, BPA- and Phthalate-free Ultrathin (0.04mm) filter, single layer, woven, nontoxic mesh Drug-free protection, reusable for up to 30 day...
Description Smart Sport Bracelet Watch Pedometer Sleep Monitor Step Distance Calorie Counter 1, detection of calories, 2 steps, record on foot, 3, measure the movement distance, 4, 4.8 G U disk Eddie thought W5 intelligent bracelet With 8 gb of memory Include Smart Sport Bracelet Pedometer*1
Description 1. Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 4.0 2. Support Version: Android 4.3 above, IOS 7 above 3. Monitoring Distance: Indoor 10M 4. Functions: Sleep monitor that can monitor the depth of sleep, duration of sleep, heart rate, breathing, turning over and away from the bed as well as recommendations 5. Note: The sensor should be placed between the mattress and sheets, cover the sheets, the fr...
Description Introduction Applying the technique of IPL and Bi-polar Radio Frequency, the equipment acts on the entire skin corium and connective tissue, stimulates the collagens of different depth to realign and grow, then gets treatment effect. Bio-polar RF release energy at the same time, with the selective absorption for the skin to light energy, various pathological tissues of corium and ep...
Item Description Back to top What is The Diamond Dermabrasion? it is a creative improvement of the Micro-crystal Dermabrasion. The Diamond Dermabrasion provided a non-surgical skin refinish procedure, by using sterile diamond heads to abrade or rub off the top skin layer, then Vacuuming out the particles along with any dirt and dead skin back up. This procedure removes skin debris, imperfection...
Description Improve step balance and foot strength Anti-skidding,shock-absorbing and depressurizing. Reduce the damage to the foot due to vibration. And also raise your height without notice by others Applicable for all kinds of sport shoes, hiking shoes and working shoes. Material: Silicone Color: Send by random Type: For women Size:(LXWXH: approx. -10X5.8X1.1cm/3.93"X2.28"X0.43" Package inclu...
Description This roll on wax heater gives you all the benefits of waxing, but with an easy to roll on applicator. No more spatulas and sticks! Waxing gives your skin that smooth and flawless feel you've always wanted. Since its small and portable, its easy to take anywhere you travel. The wax cartridges are disposable making most of the clean up an absolute breeze. The protective cover prevents...
Description Product Description Roll On Refillable Depilatory Wax Heater Hair Removal Kit Give your skin that calm smooth feel Note: Wax Fragrances are - Bee's Wax, Pink Rose Petals, Aloe Vera, Lavender. We will send random. If the order is for more than one, we will try not to send more than one of the same. If you prefer a particular scent, you can let us know during checkout or by email. If ...
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